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frequently asked questions

  • How do I book a move with Unique  express movers?

    Are several days in plan of packing? One week? Two weeks? Are you required to book Unique Packers movers at least weeks prior to your Packing date date? Get a final Quote,visit your home.Plan of packing time,Use of packing material,affordable truck like open or close body canter vehicle,Loading time labers,unloding time labers, Company Manger or branch manger mobile number.Most note company background feedback,working review..

  • What can I expect when the mover comes to my home to do an estimate?

    First of all expect from an over-the-phone estimate? because after packing peoples increse cast.Make sure your movers can confidently and professionally inform you.Does not Lowest qoutation, becuse they company many hidden charge claim after packing.

  • What information must the moving company provide?

    "Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Pack you home" is a booklet prepared by the India Motor Carrier and Safety Administration that explains your rights when using professional movers. By law, it should be given to you by the packing company before work commences.Unique Packers And Movers Provide all legal document of company. Beware of Frauds Agarwal Packers,Genuine packers,Transwoeld movers

  • My move date changed. What should I do?

    Perfectly!Unique Packers And Movers Ghansoli understand that things change and we/you want to be flexible. Let us know if you need to change your packing date and we will confirm your move out with your room-mates, or in some cases your property. After we have verified your new packing date, by getting approval from your room-mates or property owner, Unique Packers And Movers Ghansoli will make the necessary adjustments in our system and app taiyaar ho.

  • What Unique Packers not allowed to bring with me on my move ?

    When you decide what not to pack or what pack when packing time know about packing company is not allow to pack like Frozen Food,Open or Half-Used Foods,Plants,Refrigerated Foods. Before your things are packed and loaded, please take some time to look over the items that we cannot put on a truck or in a container.If you are moving less than 150 miles and your items will be delivered within 24 hours of pickup, agents may agree to transport perishables that are properly packed.

  • How soon before I move should I call the Unique movers ?

    Hiring movers is a big deal when you're planning a move.First of all call 3 best Packers And Movers get 2 questions you should ask a moving company before hiring them for the packing as soon as you can. Ideally, one months before your move date. at least 2 weeks, but know that if you only have a month or less before your move.Chose A reputable moving company In Ghansoli Navi Mumbai.After that a small visit company loaction/Office.

    Thick fabric blankets
    For the furniture, we utilize high-quality fabric covers. Because these blankets are constructed of durable fabrics, they provide additional protection and keep heat and dust from entering furniture.

    Stretch Film and Stretch Roll
    Stretch Roll is often used by moving firms in Navi Mumbai since it strengthens the packing and prevents it from straining. If you’re planning to store some furniture, stretch film will protect it from moisture and dust. Stretch roll should not be used directly on leather furniture since it can discolor the material. The blankets will be used on the leather, which will then be wrapped in a stretch roll.

    Packaging Paper for the Kitchen
    For kitchen utensils, we use high-quality paper. Paper is preferable to bubble wrap because it holds all of the fragile items together with minimal space in between.

    Large Moving Containers
    We utilize high-quality large moving boxes for your foldable clothing, pillows, and other shop products. Huge boxes are ideal for reducing total moving costs since they can accommodate a large number of things.

    Hanger Boxes 
    Unfold able items, such as leather jackets, pricey tuxedos, and office suits, are stored in hanger boxes so they don’t wrinkle and you don’t have to bring them back to the wash to get them back into shape.

    Movers and packers services area
    As the top movers and packers in Navi Mumbai, we provide relocation services to all locations of Navi Mumbai city Thane,Vashi,Belapur,Kharghar,Ulwe,JNPT,Panvel,Taloja,Ghansoli,Airoli,Koparkhairane Sanpada,Nerul,Dombivali. The following are some of the areas.

    Movers in Kharghar Navi Mumbai 
    Many expats want to live in Kharghar since it is such a beautiful piece of architecture. It has stunning views and wonderful architecture. People like transferring their residences, necessitating the assistance of a professional 
     house moving business. Our Professional Moving Team will make your house move in Airoli Navi Mumbai a delight if you need moving services.

    Movers and packers in Navi Mumbai Ghansoli
     Many expats prefer to reside in Navi Mumbai Marina because it is a magnificent work of art. It boasts magnificent structures and breathtaking vistas, as well as Navi Mumbai’s premier beach. People like changing their homes, which necessitates the employment of a reputable house moving company in Navi Mumbai Marina. If you need relocation services in Navi Mumbai Marina, our Professional Moving Team will make your house move a pleasure.

    Furniture Movers in Ghansoli Navi Mumbai
    In Navi Mumbai, we provide the best house relocation services. Unique Packers And Movers  understand the sensitivity of furniture relocation as the top house shifting services provider since it takes a lot of time, preparation, and discipline to accomplish it well. As you may be aware, house relocating is costly, and if the proper preparations are not performed, it may cost you a lot of money. If you’re on a budget, read our guide on moving on a budget to have a better understanding of how to save money. Every client’s needs are met by our packages. You require dependable services, and we have everything in place to ensure that you are completely happy with our high-quality removals services.

    Movers in Ghansoli Navi Mumbai.
    The majority of the services provided by a moving company in Gansoli Navi Mumbai are for residential units. Because the region is densely populated by expats and the cost of living is greater than in other sections of the city. We provide house relocating services in dombivali, and our high-end removals services are well-known among our quality movers in Dombivali. People look for a pleasant area to stay, and Dombivali is the ideal location for them. They will be able to get away from the city’s noise. And we’re the ones that can carry your belongings safely and securely.

    Flat shifting in Navi Mumbai
    Flat shifting is one of the most inconvenient and unpleasant events, especially if it is not done properly. There are several factors to consider while relocating to Navi Mumbai. We assist our clients with every stage of the house moving process in Navi Mumbai. We go above and above to secure competent moving services since we understand the challenges you may experience. If you’re looking for a stress-free relocation and don’t know where to start looking for the top movers and packers in Navi Mumbai, there’s one moving business that can help. This is a duty that we at Unique Packers Movers in Navi Mumbai take very seriously. Many tough house moves have been completed with the assistance of our skilled team of movers and packers. To ensure a safe house move, we utilize only the highest quality packing materials.

    Movers and packers Navi Mumbai
    With hundreds of pleased customers we’ve relocated in the previous years and counting, we deliver the best Movers and Packers Navi Mumbai services. A house relocation entails more than simply loading belongings into a truck and unloading them in the new location. As a reputable Navi Mumbai moving company, we take special care of our clients’ valuable possessions. We’re continually coming up with new ideas. Every action is taken extremely seriously by us. We have a strategy in place that will ensure that your home is moved safely and on schedule.

    How Much Does a Moving Company in Navi Mumbai Cost?
    The cost of relocating in Navi Mumbai remains a mystery. Because there is no specific price standard in the moving industry, the quantity of furniture, personal belongings, and other items you need movers to transfer to a new location is entirely dependent on the amount of furniture, personal belongings, and other items you need movers to carry. The prices are based on what you may expect as estimates, but they are not precise values.

    Moving Costs in Navi Mumbai for a One-Bedroom Apartment
    The cost of relocating a one-bedroom and living room in Navi Mumbai may range from 3.5k to 9k, depending on whether you have any additional work, such as curtain repair or handyman services.

    Cost of a 2BHK bedroom moving in Navi Mumbai 
    The cost of relocating a two-bedroom apartment is expected to be between 8k and 15k, and will cover truck, 4 employees and packers, mazer items as well as an installer.

    Cost of  3BHK Bedroom Moving in Navi Mumbai
    The cost of relocating a three-bedroom apartment with a living room will range between 10k to 22k.

    Please Cheak office Location or Client feedback .
    Navi Mumbai Or Many Cities fake and froud packers and movers aware Broker or froud moving company as Broker,Agarwal,VRL Packer,Gati Packer etc .Frist of all Check Office ,legal docoment and customer feedback. 

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